In 2016, early in the development phase for RAS, MRS consulted with MRS Company Partners about how the Scheme would operate. One of the key recommendations from Company Partners being that, once launched, the use of accredited recruiters would become a mandatory obligation for MRS Company Partners when buying qualitative research recruitment services.

The mandatory requirement was identified as an important first step to ensure that all parties involved in qualitative recruitment understand their current obligations, particularly their GDPR responsibilities.  It was agreed that this was important to reduce the potential business and data risks which can arise during qualitative research recruitment.

The aim of the AQR/MRS RAS webinar is to discuss this mandatory requirement, which is due to come into force in January 2021.  We want to hear from Company Partners and to gather their views on this plan and the current timeframe for implementation.

Debrah Harding, MRS Managing Director, will lead the discussion together with members of the RAS Working Group.

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