Big data can bring powerful customer insight. But integrating it with survey data can lead to some much-needed behavioural and attitudinal context, unlocking the full value of this insight. In November’s Professional Webinar, find out how a brand new model fuses information from surveys with usage telemetry for one of the world’s leading tech brands.

What you’ll learn:

  • A better understanding of the practical ways in which big data and survey data can be integrated
  • Guidance on key issues to consider when conducting similar studies
  • Reflections on the pros and cons of using big data
  • Suggestions for future direction of big data studies

For over 20 years, 2CV Research has tracked market share for one of the world’s leading tech brands. In parallel, its client has been building a multi-million member customer panel, providing extremely accurate usage telemetry data on what customers were doing, how often and when they were doing it. 

However, this big data includes no information on where and how customers shop, what research they undertake or why they behave as they do. 2CV Research’s own surveys also lacked much of this information since the need to collect usage and share data significantly constrained the interview length.

The last two years have seen the agency and the client team up to jointly build a new model which fuses, at customer level, information from surveys with usage telemetry. This combines the most accurate usage data the client has ever collected, with behavioural and attitudinal survey results. It has involved an unprecedentedly close working relationship between the 2CV Research team and the client team.

Join this Professional Webinar to discover some of the learnings from studies completed in Europe, North America, and Asia. These include the more common ones (such as fragmented ownership of client data, complex governance procedures for using the data), as well as ones that few people think of (for example, needing to understand laws on prize draws around the world). 

There is also discussion about some of the potential biases in big data sets, such as the effect of consent procedures and response bias in re-contact surveys. 

Speakers: Phil Stubington, Director, 2CV; and Chris Rawcliffe, Senior Research Consultant, 2CV

Phil Stubington, Director, 2CV, has three decades' hands-on experience in running almost every kind of project: from desk research taking a day or two, through to global tracking studies running in dozens of countries. He directs the project referred to in this presentation. Phil still gets a buzz from finding a solution to problems considered 'un-researchable' and loves it when data from desk research, qualitative and quantitative insight all come together in a compelling story.

Chris Rawcliffe is a natural quantie with an academic background in psychology. In his role as Senior Research Consultant, 2CV, he enjoys using his analytical skills to solve business problems. Chris has worked on studies across a variety of sectors including FMCG, non-profit, technology and transport, and has built up a particular focus on brand tracking research. As a member of 2CV’s Behavioural Sciences team, he applies his expertise to understanding how biases and psychological influences affect consumer and businesses behaviours.

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