There’s been much criticism directed at 18-24s from the tabloid press and other commentators. The most commonly levelled accusations are of them lacking resilience, and being vain and lazy. Where did these toxic perceptions of snowflakes come from?

Given that 18-24 year olds are facing the hardest employment and financial outlooks for several generations and are blighted by digitally-intensified psychological identity struggles, the stereotypes seem one dimensional.  

In this webinar Michael Brown, partner of UM, reveals the truth of Snowflakes – their drivers and challenges – and how to engage them effectively. He shares the key highlights from UM’s research and learnings for brands in building relationships with this upcoming audience. He reveals the differences between this generation and those before them, and how stereotypes are preventing effective engagement of this upcoming generation.

The webinar addresses:

  • Should brands be playing a better part in telling a fairer story about young people?
  • Should we be more celebratory towards the generation that is the forefront of crucial cultural MOMENTS?
  • Should brands be more focused on understanding the moments that matter to this audience?... the what, why and how they want, rather than merely dismissing them as snowflakes?
Michael Brown is Partner at UM, where he has led award-nominated multi-methodology research to help clients understand their audiences and marketplaces. He joined the company in 2014 after stints at Research Now SSI and MESH Experience. He has contributed to numerous publications, including Research Live and Impact, and was a finalist for the MRS Annual Conference Award for Best Newcomer for his presentation at Impact 2018. Michael has a particular passion for using research to give a platform to marginalised voices in society and has recently become the founding chair of MRSpride, a sector-wide LGBTQ+ network.

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