When it comes to successful international qualitative research, one fundamental factor is often neglected. It’s crucial that we adapt our communications style to diverse cultural contexts. 

During July’s webinar, Louise McLaren and Louise Pasteur de Faria consider how communications styles vary across cultures. Drawing from academic theory and real-world experience - as well as using short exercises for interactive learning - they show how to ensure your methodologies and materials are designed to achieve their objectives.  

The result? Being able to surface powerful insights regardless of the cultural context. This webinar is designed for qualitative researchers particularly at mid-level, but is relevant to all. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of tailoring communications style to different cultural contexts during international qualitative research 
  • Real-world examples of qualitative research that has been well adapted across countries, and examples of research that has not 
  • How to make sure your methodologies and materials are designed to achieve their objectives 
  • Tangible inspiration and considerations to take into your work 

Louise McLaren is UK MD of Paris-headquartered agency Lovebrands. Louise leads predominantly multi-market work, covering diverse regions and cultures. She holds a Modern Languages degree from Oxford University.    

Louise Pasteur de Faria is Senior Cultural Strategist, Lovebrands. Originally from Brazil, she holds a PhD in anthropology. Louise works across a wide range of cultures and brings an expert ethnographic lens to her work. 

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