How to build your resilience to cope with change at work – Exclusive Webinar for Company Partner Employees

Change is constant and all around us. At work, organisations are responding to economic and political factors and so companies re-organise, downsize, merge, or are bought out. The personal knock-on is that new management, teams, job roles and responsibilities brings this VUCA world into our lives and we have to cope with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity too. Somethings you can influence, but others you cannot change and have to accept, but what you can control is how well you manage yourself and this starts with developing and exercising your resilient muscle. In this webinar, Cara Moore, an expert and role model on being resilient, will share her top ten tips on how you can cope with stress and change at work.

Cara empowers emerging leaders to realise their potential and get better at what they do, for their own good and for the good of their organisation. Through coaching and workshops, Cara helps people develop their inner confidence to come across with gravitas, to speak up, make decisions and be proactive about progressing their career. She is also an expert at helping you to help yourself to cope and even thrive during times of change by becoming resilient and self-assured.

Cara holds the highly regarded Professional Certified Coach status with the ICF and has a professional services background in Chartered Surveying.


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