The cost-of-living crisis continues to test our commitment to the brands we love. With many seeing skyrocketing prices, seeking out lower-cost alternatives would seem to be the priority for many consumers. But what key lessons can we learn from changing consumer spending habits? Is price simply winning out? Lucia Juliano uses the latest wave of research from the Toluna Global Consumer Barometer to share reactions to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis from consumers across the globe.

 A challenging economic climate makes it even more important for brands to deepen their understanding of consumer confidence levels. February’s webinar addresses a key question: How does consumer behaviour change in response to the rise in the cost of living?

Join Lucia Juliano, Head of Research UK and NL, Harris Interactive, Toluna Group, as she shares the most up-to-date research from the Toluna Global Consumer Barometer.

This barometer was originally established to provide rapid and free insight to insight professionals into how the Covid pandemic was impacting consumers. It continues to shine a light on the ever changing and unpredictable market landscape, pulsing consumer attitudes and behaviours from around the world.

Each wave of research covers at least 16 markets including: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, US, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, UAE, New Zealand, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.

What you’ll learn:

  • A deeper understanding of consumer confidence levels in challenging times
  • How behaviour changes in response to the rise in the cost of living
  • The emotional and health impact of the financial burdens we’re facing
  • How the supply chain is impacting purchasing habits and shifts between online and offline
  • The importance of continuing to demonstrate strong social, ethical, and brand values
Lucia Juliano heads up research for Toluna and Harris Interactive in the UK. She’s an insight professional with over 15 years' experience spanning client and agency roles across a number of industries and sectors. Passionate about uncovering insight to support brand development, NPD and market analysis, Lucia was instrumental in developing the Toluna Consumer Barometer at the outset of the Covid pandemic.

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