The important role flexible working plays in good mental health

Join us for an extra special webinar hosted by the MRS Flex Forum.

Book on today, pop in your diary and join us on 30 September with your refreshments at the ready. 

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KEYNOTE: Find the FLEX that fits you
Sinead Jefferies, Founder of Vela

Part-time working, job shares, flexi-hours, occasional working from home. These are some of the ways we thought about flexibility pre-Covid. But now the whole landscape has shifted and the way almost everyone works has changed. So, what does it mean for how we achieve flexibility in our working life today? Does working from home – or having the flexibility to do so more often – make it easier or harder than it was before? In this session Sinéad will talk about what the big shifts in ways of working mean for our flexibility, and how it’s impacting work/life balance, mental wellbeing and our overall happiness at work.

WORKSHOP: I get knocked down, but I get up again
Karen Schofield, an award-winning speaker and experienced Insight and Planning consultant

Everybody has ‘resilience’, or the ability to bounce back from adversity. However, some people are naturally more resilient than others – not because they don’t feel the impact of difficult times, but because they’ve found practical ways to deal with them.

The good news is that we can all train ourselves to be more resilient, with a few simple steps!

Join us for this mini workshop where Karen will explore what resilience is, the factors which can help us increase it, and shares practical tips about how to manage our mental wellbeing amid the challenges which come with flexible and hybrid working.

CHAT: In conversation with...
Inger Christensen, Chair of MRS Flex Forum, Jennifer Perry, MD of Respondi UK and Darren Lewis , Country Manager at Kadence UK

We will round off this FlexForum with an interactive discussion on how we create workplaces with space for flexibility and respect for vulnerability. Kadence have worked hard to step up their mental health awareness and support and Jennifer will be talking to Darren on how they went about turning their mission into workable day to day arrangements - with the added challenge of the pandemic.  You will be able to put questions to Darren, Jennifer and Inger live at the session.  You are also welcome to submit them in advance by emailing 



Sinéad Jefferies is a recognised insight industry leader, drawing on 20+ years’ experience, leading teams both client-side and in agencies, with an in-depth understanding of what’s needed to deliver excellence in insight. Since March 2020 she has been a member of the MRS Main Board.

She has been working remotely from her home in France since 2015, successfully navigating challenges around communication, impact, team management and relationship-building. Sinéad founded Vela in 2020 to bring her unique blend of experience to support others through training, coaching and consultancy in everything to do with flexible, remote & hybrid working. She also continues to work as a freelance insight consultant.

To try and bring balance to a hectic world of working from home, running a business and being a mum, Sinéad escapes either by cycling or running around the roads and hills of the Dordogne, or by baking up way more cookies, brownies and cakes than her family should really eat.

Darren is Country Manager of Kadence UK, with 25 years’ experience of working closely with leading global companies. He is an expert in leadership, team development and mentoring, encouraging the highest levels of performance from colleagues to help them achieve individual and collective goals.

Jennifer is the MD of respondi, UK. For over 15 years she has been at the forefront of online research in the UK, Europe and beyond. Jennifer has been instrumental in shifting analytical models from those based on self-reporting of consumer behaviour to the fusion of data from a broad variety of sources, including the integration of consumers’ passive online behaviour. She specializes in complex comparative and multi-country research projects.
Under her leadership, respondi recently won the MRS “Best Data Collection (Online)” for a pioneering study of attitudes among refugees in twelve countries across three continents, illustrating that her approach to research not only benefits commercial clients but can be used to tackle and better understand complex issues of importance to society as a whole.

Karen’s interest in mindfulness, resilience and happiness is as much personal as professional. After being suddenly widowed in her early 30s, she relocated to Singapore where she set up and managed a successful business for a UK-based insights company.

Three years later, she took a few months out to travel solo around Asia, which included (in her opinion) one of the ultimate tests of resilience and mental strength, vipassana meditation, before relocating back to her home city of Manchester, UK.

Karen is a speaker, trainer and insight consultant. She is part of the senior leadership team at Blue Yonder Research, where she leads the qualitative business, specialising in innovative approaches to understand and influence decision making and behaviour.

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