In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability and climate consciousness, we’re at a crossroads.  

Clients and brands want to effectively engage with sustainability and climate change to make a meaningful impact, and the inquiries and briefs we’re seeing are increasingly complex. 

But around 70% of the UK population are in the ‘Immovable Middle’, meaning they’re neither climate change rejectors nor actively engaged with it. Rising living costs and global unrest have added to disengagement.  

As researchers and consultants, we need to address these tensions to maximise the impact of research. 

In this webinar, Gabi Ackroyd and Lucia Laurent-Neva discuss a project collaboration between Bricolage and Visual Signo, conducted for ACT Climate Labs. Their research used semiotic and ethnographic approaches to explore some lesser-researched locations across England, Scotland and Wales – with fascinating results. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • How to support clients to tune into the cares and concerns of potential audiences and link these to climate- and sustainability-relevant topics 
  • The value of researching lesser-known or -researched locations in a culturally-engaged way 
  • Immersive approaches to building client trust 

Gabi Ackroyd is Director of Research, Bricolage. She is a qualitative researcher and anthropologist, with a PhD in anthropology/material culture from University College London. Gabi specialises in ethnographic methods and has conducted qualitative and ethnographic work globally across a range of sectors. 

Lucia Laurent-Neva is Founder, Visual Signo UK, with over 20 years’ experience working with British and international clients. She has a background in semiotics, anthropology and design, and specialises in developing culturally-sensitive business strategies tailored to diverse audiences. Lucia is co-founder of Semiofest, and a member of the Global Business Anthropology Board. 

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