Join our Professional Webinar in April to learn how digital tools have brought a fresh perspective to ethnography, and how best practice in digital ethnography provides a strong route into consumer storytelling.

What you’ll learn:

  • A good overview of what digital ethnography entails – versus other online methodologies and traditional ethnography
  • What digital ethnography can and can’t give us as marketers
  • A walk-through of typical platforms and functionality
  • How to undertake analysis – the role of ‘old-school’ analysis skills versus automated on-platform tools
  • Pointers on how to translate the qualitative data into actionable insight
  • Some of the things to watch out for

Using case studies as examples, Magenta Research shows how and why digital tools have brought a fresh perspective to ethnography, drawing out the key benefits to clients and some practical issues and potential pitfalls associated with this technique. 

Its recent case studies include a widescale strategic project for a major news house, which used digital ethnography at the heart of its methodology to produce insight that helped build a new revenue strategy for the client. On another brief, social media video tools provided real-time immersion into the lives of children and their natural play behaviours.

In our webinar, Sarah Christie shares her views on the best way to carry out this kind of research and her experiences of working with online platforms. Two key areas are how to manage the demands of analysis, given the increased scope and scale of the task, and how to make findings actionable and useful to clients.

Sarah Christie from Magenta Research is a highly experienced qualitative researcher, consumer insight specialist and brand consultant with 25 years’ experience working across a wide range of sectors. She is a trained ethnographer and semiotician, and has a particular passion for consumer immersion, both here and abroad.

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