People of all ages are playing more games than ever before – and while people play they are intrinsically engaged. Discover how using games and gamification can improve research for buyers, suppliers, and participants.

When we play games, we are intrinsically engaged; we increase our focus, attention, motivation and are open to exploring new possibilities. These behavioural outcomes, plus many more, have obvious benefits for market research. If only we could bottle up how engrossed people are in games and use that for surveys. Now we can! 

We can all apply games and gamification to research to create intrinsically engaging experiences that encourage play. This Professional Webinar draws upon the research and case-studies from Betty Adamou’s book Games and Gamification in Market Research to provide listeners with a one-stop shop guide to applying these techniques to improve research and its value for agencies, clients and participants, for any budget.

  • Understand the psychology behind why games encourage intrinsic engagement and play
  • Learn how engagement and play create behavioural outcomes that are crucial for all types of market research
  • Learn how to apply game ‘ingredients’ to your market research for quick wins
  • Learn from selected case-studies showing the adoption and business success when using Game-based Research Methods
  • Get a sneak peek at what the future of research will look like as game-based approaches with technologies like VR, AR and AI.

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Betty Adamou is the Founder & Chief ResearchGame designer at Research Through Gaming – the first company solely specialising in using games as instruments for market research and insight.

Adamou invented ResearchGames™ as a new research methodology, and has since written about and shared her work with a global audience, most recently in her debut book Games and Gamification in Market Research, (Kogan Page Publishing). It is the first published book on Game-based Research Methodologies (GbRM).

Adamou is a multiple-award winning researcher and entrepreneur, including Enfield Entrepreneur of the Year, and NGMR Disruptive Innovator of the Year, and has been voted as “1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research”. As such, Adamou’s foresight is often sought by industry publications through interviews and articles on the future of market research and in particular, the impact of emerging and future technologies on data collection. Through invitations to give university guest lectures and keynote presentations on Game-Based Research Methods, Adamou has visited 52 cities in 28 countries in eight years.

Her ResearchGames have been used by Fortune 500 brands, education institutions, and academic studies, which have consistently delivered insight that has gone on to successfully improve services, spur new products, and renew consumer understanding. She notes her greatest achievements as climbing Hong Kong’s Lantau Peak, writing a book, and achieving a 97% completion rate among teenage audiences.

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