The world is changing, fast. Retail is undergoing a revolution and will never again be the same. Brand owners, retailers and market researchers need to adapt urgently. Our final Professional Webinar for this year sees Rachel Lawes boost market researchers into the future, with powerful new tools for thinking about shoppers and new ways to bring about success, for yourselves and your clients.

Retail is changing dramatically. It is increasingly online. It is driven and shaped by tech companies around the world who thrive on breaking the rules of retail that are becoming fossilised in history and culture. All retailers and consumer-facing brands know that this is a turning point, even a revolution. And it’s part of a larger movement, called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is altering our daily lives, our relationships and even our own sense of what it means to be human.

These are huge events for brand owners and retailers, as well as marketers. We in the market research industry are here to serve all these people. This webinar exists to help us all rise to the challenge, with a completely new perspective on retail and shopping. Break away from routine market research practice and start having original and profitable ideas that are good for you, your business, and the economy.

This Professional Webinar is powered by the latest developments to come out of semiotics, revealed for the first time in 2022.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to revitalise and expand the range of ideas you are capable of imagining concerning retail and shopping
  • New frontiers beyond useful but familiar market research habits such as reporting on what shoppers think of packaging and how long it takes them to find the milk
  • How to adapt easily to ecommerce and identify consumer needs that clients haven’t seen yet
  • How to connect observations on the shop floor to global social and economic change
  • How to leap ahead of competitors and clients by knowing why 'ecommerce' is an idea already in decline and what is coming next
  • How to boost your career as market researcher into the future, ready to embrace new opportunities and challenges, for yourself, your clients, the market research industry and the economy
Dr Rachel Lawes is a Fellow of the Market Research Society. She is a thought leader in the British market research community and has delivered many years of training for the MRS, alongside 20 years of supplying consumer and marketing insight to the world’s largest companies.
Rachel is the author of Using Semiotics in Retail (2022, Kogan Page), the first book to be published in this century which is wholly dedicated to the use and power of semiotics in retail marketing. She is also the author of Using Semiotics in Marketing (2020, Kogan Page), the first ever guide to semiotics for marketers to take the reader through the entire project cycle, from writing a brief to presenting and publishing semiotic research.

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