Find out the UK results from the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) Global Trust Research 2020 in this FOC Professional Webinar. 

GRBN has partnered with 10 national research associations from across the globe, including MRS and 14 corporate partners, to conduct the GRBN Global Trust survey.

The GRBN Global Trust Research 2020 results will show how trust in the UK research sector compares with other sectors, and for the first time, how it has been affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Jane Frost CBE, CEO of MRS, comments:

“The value of quality data, insight and evidence has grown exponentially amid the Covid-19 crisis and the findings of the GRBN Global Trust Survey are a prime example. Trust is a cornerstone of long-term business success and some organisations and sectors have seen significant shifts in how they are perceived. For those in particular, understanding these changes will be pivotal in shaping their commercial strategies and rebuilding after the crisis.”


The research results will be presented by GRBN’s Executive Director Andrew Cannon and MRS CEO Jane Frost CBE will be joining Andrew to answer questions about the research and what it means for the UK sector.

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