One of the more neglected Covid narratives is its impact on careers, and in most cases, women’s careers.

As a sector, we want address this and discover ways to turn the growing tide before it's too late. So much headway had been made in recent years. It is imperative that we do not turn back the clock on the progress achieved.

Working from home is the new normal. How can we ensure that flexibility and empathy remain immersed into the future structure of our industries and companies? Can we harness this to minimise the negative career impact of Covid?

Could flexible working be the cultural change that significantly shapes the future of career progression?

Join our stellar panel to discuss why we need cultural change right now!

The webinar will be chaired by:

  • Babita Earle, EVP Strategic Partnerships at Zappi, MRS Main Board Member, WomenInResearch (WIRe) Advisory Board Member and Chair of the MRS Diversity and Inclusion Committee

With panellists:

  • Annie Auerbach, Co Founder at Starling, Author of FLEX: Reinventing work for a smarter, happier life and MRS Flex Forum member
  • Catherine Becker, Head of Media at EA and Women in Advertising and Communications London (WACL) executive committee member               
  • Lucinda Jasper, HR Manager at Cerillion Technologies
  • Matthew Roberts, Research and Analytics Director at Formula 1
  • Danielle Todd, Insight Director at Relish and WIRe board member
Babita is Head of Strategic Partnerships and a member of the Leadership Team at Zappi. Babita is responsible for looking after Zappi’s most important customers and partners, collaborating on product design, digitisation strategies and change management, with a goal to elevate the role of insights professionals within organisations. Babita has over 20 years industry experience, anchored mostly in tech, commercial and digital roles. She is an Advisory Board member for WIRe (Women In Research) and also leads the European arm of their Exec Group. Babita was elected to the MRS Main Board in April 2020.

Annie Auerbach is an author and co-founder of cultural insight agency Starling. Her book FLEX is a revolutionary guide to living and working on your own terms. She has worked flexibly for 20 years and four years ago, she founded Starling which specialises in understanding socio-cultural change so that brands can be more relevant and do better. Starling’s clients include Nike, Google and Unilever. Annie is proud to be named a Timewise Power Founder alongside a range of trailblazers who are changing the future of work.
Find her at
Twitter @annieauerbach
Instagram @annie.auerbach

Matt has 15 years of market research and analytics working across Radio and press before moving into world of sport in 2008 when he took over as Head of EMEA Research at Eurosport. He headed up insight teams at ESPN, BT Sport and Sky Sports before joining F1 as Global Research Director in June 2017. At F1 he is responsible for all data and insight which helps drive fan engagement and commercial revenue opportunities within the sport

Danielle is an Insight Director at Relish. Beginning her career as an ESOMAR Young Researcher runner-up, WARC rising star and regular conference speaker, Danielle revels in insight and strategy. You’ve probably come across her being quite vocal in her opinion either at a wonderful MRS conference or on Twitter. Danielle loves her day-job equally to being the WIRe London lead, and having the opportunity to create change on the MRS DI&E Council. Her personal interests range from geopolitics (how the world came to be how it is), feminism (how the world can be a better place) and post-apocalyptic literature (how the world could be if we mess it all up).

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