The GRBN 2018 Trust Survey is a survey conducted across eight countries. In this special Professional Webinar, experts from GRBN show you the degree of trust individuals place in market research companies.

Out of the 11 different types of organisations surveyed, the findings showed that market research companies ranked 6th overall. Not bad, but not good.

People have a similar level of trust in internet search engine (e.g. Google / Bing) providing companies and mobile phone operators. Whilst market research companies are more trusted than government, media companies and social media companies, GRBN don’t see this as much of a consolation prize.
This webinar will show you the degree to which the general public trusts, or does not trust, market research companies in comparison to other types of organisations. As the webinar title suggests, the results are nothing to shout home about, but are definitely a call-to-action.

Together with two panel industry experts – Johnny Caldwell from Netquest and Marc Leimann from Norstat, they will discuss the implications that the low level of trust has for participants, data collectors, agencies and end clients alike.

They will wrap up the webinar by sharing information on the initiatives they are undertaking to (re)build public trust in what they do, and by pinpointing some of the things you can do to play your part in co-creating a bright future for the market research sector, one which is built on trust.

About GRBN

The Global Research Business Network connects over 45 research associations and over 3500 research businesses on six continents. More than US$24.9 billion in annual research revenues (turnover) are represented by these businesses. Their mission is to promote and advance the business of research by developing and supporting strong autonomous national research associations.

Andrew is Executive Director at GRBN, and runs his own boutique consulting business. Andrew has worked in the research sector for other 30 years gaining a broad range of experience on both the agency and client side. Andrew is passionate about the role that Insights functions and research businesses have to play in enabling decision makers to both make better decisions and to be more customer-centric, and about our need to do a better job at measuring the return on investment. Andrew is also passionate about our sector’s need to build a trust relationship with the general public.

Marc joined Norstat and the respective market research industry four years ago after having held various senior digital/e-commerce management positions across Europe. He worked as Sales Director in Travelzoo, founded a European deal-a-day service (Sweetdeal), worked as Managing Director in a Berlin-based publishing company and did six years in strategy consulting after his diploma in Business Administration & Law. Marc is married, 45 years and loves cycling and Tennis – once his knee lets him to do so.

Johnny Caldwell has made a significant contribution to research thinking, particularly in the use of online panels and data collection techniques. He has presented at a wide range of sector conferences, seminars and workshops and supported MRS through the development of guidelines for online research. Johnny was also involved in the creation of the MRS Advanced Analytics Network and the Youth Research Forum.

On receiving his Fellowship, Johnny says: “Throughout my more than thirty year research career, MRS has served as a consistent source of invaluable support and guidance. It is with a great sense of humility and pride that I find myself awarded a Fellowship and will continue to uphold our shared pursuit of excellence in every facet of the industry as we continue to innovate and embrace change together.”

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