We all want to transform, but nobody wants to change. Why? Because despite the desire and motivation to change, to improve and to do better, change is hard! 

Join Amanda Anderton to explore our natural and deeply human ‘Immunity to Change’. Amanda reveals how our underlying (often hidden) assumptions and beliefs hold us back from making the changes we want to, and how our standard reliance on willpower and determination is fundamentally flawed. 

During this webinar she also shares the tools to pinpoint and uproot your immunities to change so that you can move forward and bring your organisation with you. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • An easy-to-digest introduction to the ideas and concepts in the ‘Immunity to Change’ research (Kegan and Lahey) 
  • Illuminating real world examples from individuals and organisations who?struggle to change 
  • A step-by-step process to discover the real reasons you fail to make changes in your own work and life 
  • The tools to close the gap between good intentions and actual behaviour, in yourself and the organisations you work in 

Amanda Anderton (CMRS) is the Founder of Hope + Anchor, as well as an award-winning qualitative researcher, ethnographer and brand strategist. She’s also a creative coach (BPS, ISCP) helping individuals and teams discover their true strengths and realise their goals. 

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