Dr Barry Leventhal reveals the science of Predicative Analytics.

Dr Barry Leventhal reveals the science behind predicative analytics and why it has become an essential tool for businesses

When: Friday 2 March, 11am-12pm

Predictive analytics – the technique of analysing data to predict outcomes and trends – has come a long way in recent years. Once a specialist methodology used only by companies with vast customer databases, it is now an effective research approach that any business with data and a computer can benefit from.

In this webinar, analytics expert Dr Barry Leventhal explains the science of predictive analytics, as outlined in his new book Predictive Analytics for Marketers, and demonstrates how to apply it with success.

What you’ll learn:

  • The ways in which predictive analytics can help your organisation and why it is an essential approach to exploit 
  • The data mining process and the need to follow a roadmap when developing predictive models
  • Examples of roadmaps for predicting customer behaviour and for customer segmentation
  • The importance of running an experiment to test the model, best practice principles to follow and key differences between online and offline tests

Dr Barry Leventhal is a consultant statistician with many years of experience in helping organisations use data to solve their business problems. He has previously worked in market research, collecting and analysing consumer panel data, and in geodemographics. Since 1991, he has focused on predictive analytics, working with companies in financial services, telecommunications and retail. In 2017, Barry was awarded MRS’ Gold Medal for signal service to the profession, having chaired the MRS Census and Geodemographics Group for 25 years. He is author of the Kogan Page books Predicative Analytics for Marketers and Geodemographics for Marketers.

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