Tune into January’s webinar for a journey into the world of mindfulness and how it can support your wellbeing and professional activities in 2020.

Mindfulness has become a cultural phenomenon but it’s not just meditation and ‘being present’. Mindfulness offers the opportunity to tune into your intuitive wisdom and inner strength so you can support your wellbeing, enhance your cognitive abilities and set clear boundaries in your life.

Presenter, Sam Toon, argues that research and insight professionals generally have a greater awareness of their own cognitive biases and self-awareness. Researching others often gives professionals a level of empathy and understanding about the human condition. But the job is stressful as highlighted by the 2019 Opening the Conversation research which revealed that 85% of researchers have struggled with their mental wellbeing

This webinar will give grounding on what mindfulness actually is and how you can practice it. Sam provides useful ways that you can establish your own mindfulness practices as well as provide an overview on meditation.

Benefits of attending

  • A better understanding of mindfulness and how it applies specifically to your life as a research professional
  • A felt experience of meditation and mindfulness
  • Tools and resources to start practicing mindfulness
  • A new perspective on how you can improve your stress resilience and wellbeing
Sam has worked for 14 years in market research and three years teaching mindfulness. She was previously a research director at Trinity McQueen and is now a freelance research professional. Sam has worked with clients such as Boots, ASDA and ITV during the course of her research career and has delivered training in mindfulness to both the AQR and &Thrive networking group in 2019, as well as being featured in Thrive Global. Sam’s mindfulness website can be found at https://www.mindbrilliance.co.uk/.

Additional Information

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