Series 5, Episode 3 - Compiled and presented by the MRS Standards and Policy team - the experts behind Codeline, MRS’ email advice service for information on the Code of Conduct, GDPR, regulations and guidelines. Helping you to stay up-to-date and within the rules. 

Topics to be covered in the new episode will include:

MRS guidance updates

  • A report on the revised MRS guidance for data collection activities involving children. The main aims of the guidance are to help protect the rights of children physically, mentally, ethically, and emotionally and reassure parents, and others concerned with their welfare and safety, that data collection activities are designed to help protect the interests of children.
  • Roundup of other new and revised MRS guidance.

Domestic and international updates

  • The UK Data Protection & Digital Information Bill did not complete the Parliamentary process before the announcement of a UK General Election. As a result, this proposed legislation will not now be introduced. The webinar will include an overview of the priorities of the new Government and the potential impact on data and AI legislation.
  • A review of new relevant guidance introduced by regulators such as the Information Commissioner's Office.
  • An assessment of some recent ICO sanctions and fines, and what these cases mean for the research sector.
  • California: Bill on AI and minors' sensitive data re-referred to Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection
  • Progress with the EU AI Act
  • Meta pauses generative AI plans
  • California Social Media Users' Bill of Rights introduced to Assembly

Additional Information

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