Is digital research truly effective? Can it deliver the same insights as first-hand observation or in-depth interviews? These were the questions that drove Blue Yonder to push boundaries and create an innovative digital skillset that has enabled it not only to survive but thrive during lockdown.

Speaker: Hannah Rogers, Head of New Business and Client Lead, Blue Yonder

What you’ll learn:

  • How to find and recognise the right tech partners and the right platform for specific needs
  • The ‘thinking backwards’ mindset: where do we need to be at the end of this?
  • Practical tips on presenting stimulus in Zoom groups
  • New ideas for projective techniques suited to the digital age
  • The top three things Hannah Rogers has learnt the hard way

For years, Hannah Rogers didn’t believe in digital research – she couldn’t see how online boards could get close to what she could achieve by observing a consumer apply deodorant first-hand, or how a typed group discussion could probe as deep as an in-depth interview or focus group.

But six years ago, Blue Yonder started to work with an entrepreneurial and flexible tech partner; one that wanted to push boundaries, truly listen to researchers and co-create the tools needed to deliver digital excellence.

The trick was to focus on the end game; where did they need to get to? What precision did they need? How could it be done in real life and how did that translate without any loss of quality to find its clients’ edges?

Blue Yonder has combined digital tools in innovative ways to ensure it can produce the results needed – the best of qual, ethnography, video calls, moodboards, quant, extreme prototyping – to create a digital skillset that has enabled it not only to survive but thrive during lockdown.

In this webinar, Hannah shares key principles of the latest digital research to help agencies and freelancers build their skillset and teach clients what can be achieved in these strange times, beyond the basics, by pushing boundaries together.


Trained by Global Giant's Best Practice Leaders, Hannah Rogers has 15 years’ experience taking projects from pipeline ideation to final product delivery for leading brands. She is a world-class expert in the creation of digital methodologies, creating bespoke solutions for the likes of Unilever, Mars, RB, Quron and IFF. She works in partnership with clients to build digital solutions that truly meet their needs: no trade off, no compromise.

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