What does the term ‘health and wellbeing’ really mean to supermarket customers? That was one of the questions Tesco needed to answer in order to develop its ambitious health and wellbeing strategy. In our first Professional Webinar of 2022 we learn about the challenges involved in scoping such a broad topic, and how advanced analytics helped the retailer identify the key themes to feed into its consumer-driven framework.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the power of stakeholder engagement led to a novel approach and an even more successful outcome
  • Some of the analytical techniques used to arrive at the health and wellness framework and how this differs to more traditional segmentation
  • How this framework is now being used in practice to help Tesco truly meet the needs of its customers

Tesco has lofty ambitions when it comes to looking after the health and wellbeing of its customers, but even the term 'health and wellbeing' is a lofty one. Without a clearly defined view of what it really constitutes in the minds of its customers, how can the retailer develop a clear strategy to deliver against this ambition?

This Professional Webinar is the story of how Tesco undertook to develop a consumer-driven framework designed to underpin its health and wellbeing strategy. It outlines the challenges faced in scoping such a broad topic, and how advanced analytics helped identify the key themes to feed into the framework.

We learn how the project evolved from a segmentation to a 'pillars' approach, and the benefits this brought in terms of simplicity and commercial actionability. The session also covers how the team brought each of the pillars to life qualitatively, ultimately arriving at a definitive definition that Tesco is now feeding into a wide range of initiatives across the organisation.

Sam Gardner is a Founding Partner and Director of Analytics, Boxclever. As a professional economist and statistician, he blends these two skillsets to create analytical solutions which elevate insight to a level that is more engaging and commercially actionable. Sam’s expertise includes segmentation, market simulation and pricing analysis. He has most recently been named ‘Yorkshire's Clint Eastwood of Analytics’.

John Morris is Senior Insight Partner, Tesco. He has an extensive retail background, having worked for a range of brands including Carlsberg and Dixons. As an Insight Partner within the food and drink business he is directly responsible for ensuring the research that Tesco undertakes is truly embedded in the strategic planning process.

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