Storytelling is a buzzword gaining increasing cachet in the business world. But what is storytelling? And how can businesses and market researchers use it to their advantage?

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance of storytelling to businesses and individuals
  • How and why good storytelling works
  • The components of a good story
  • The value of research and data for storytellers
  • The tools good storytellers use to win over audiences
  • How to use storytelling to promote an idea or brand

Join our Professional Webinar in September to learn how storytelling has been used to powerful effect in a range of media, from film through to marketing and even business reports.

James Evans breaks down the best stories, looking at the research and data available to the storytellers, how they have been pitched and what makes them resonate with audiences. He promises that you will leave energised and excited to start telling high-impact stories of your own.

About the speaker:

James Evans is a corporate trainer who works with professionals on their storytelling and communication skills, and is an expert in public speaking. He has done speaking and storytelling coaching work for TEDx conferences, Kensington Palace, Hope Not Hate, Warwick University and Toastmasters International. James is the Founder and Director of Vensa Coaching. 

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