In this dynamic webinar, John Drummond Chair of Corporate Culture, shares new insights into how your organisation can build a more human-centric, resilient, innovative and successful workplace through simple, pragmatic actions. 

A new cultural dimension

 But what does being Fully Human mean for an organisation? How does it work in practice? And why is it the essential ingredient in creating wellbeing, transformation, innovation and employee motivation? 
John will explore the answers to these questions, drawing on the latest insights from business, psychology, neuroscience, behaviour change, anthropology, and from his own recent reports?in this area (The Human Organisation and Innovation for Everyone). 
John will share a new Culture Diagnostic model that frames how you can bring your fully human organisation to life. As a sneak peak, the new model is built on six primary elements which, together, have the biggest influence on business performance and people experience:?  

  1. Strategy (and meaning): The extent to which your culture supports and is aligned to your organisational purpose and strategy. 
  2. Empowerment (and control): The level of influence, ability and support your colleagues have to do their work. 
  3. Character (and belonging): Creating an organisation where people feel a deep sense of belonging. 
  4. Transformation (and connection): How well your organisation connects your people to ideas, opportunities and each other. 
  5. Resilience (and security/safety): The readiness of your organisation to adapt to changing needs, driven by internal and/or external factors. 
  6. Wellbeing (and kindness): The ability and willingness of leaders, managers and colleagues to help each other feel good. 

John Drummond is Chair of Corporate Culture. He has been a consultant to dozens of organisations over 20 years. Clients have included water companies, regulators (Ofwat), telecoms (O2, BT), energy (EDF Energy), government organisations (NHS, WRAP), retail (ASDA, M&S), banking (Bank of America, RBS, Lloyds Banking Group), FMCG (Unilever) and many others. He is the architect with WRAP of the RecycleNow campaign and Love Food Hate Waste campaigns. His expertise includes long-term strategies, culture change and behaviour change at scale. He was recognised by HR magazine as one of the most influential thinkers in HR 2021. He is the author of several reports including: Future proof (2022), The Human Organisation (2021), Innovation for Everyone (2021), Transformation, Reason and Human. John started life as an award-winning journalist. He worked with IBM for seven years and was group director of communications with United Utilities in the 1990’s. 

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