Join the experts in geodemographics for this FREE webinar to hear how the use of this important data has grown over the past 30 years and how they envisage the future use and sources to obtain it.

Geodemographics is the description of people according to where they live, derived from the study of spatial information.

We will be joined by Dr. Barry Leventhal, consultant statistician with experience gained in market research, geodemographics and analytics. Barry is also the founder of the MRS Census and Geodemographics group.

Barry will give a brief history of geodemographics and the role played by the MRS Census and Geodemographics Group over the past 30 years. Barry will also highlight the importance the Geodemographics Knowledge Base since its creation 20 years ago, a major database of geodemographic sources providing a comprehensive directory of several hundred selected websites covering the UK, Europe and many other parts of the world.

We will also be joined by Paul Longley, Professor of Geographic Information Science at University College London who will be providing a presentation describing and evaluating some of the ways in which consumer data are supplementing more conventional data sources in the creation and updating of geodemographic indicators.

He will describe the creation of linked consumer registers that enable annual estimates of residential churn and annual estimates of the change in ethnic composition of neighbourhoods – something that has recently been of interest to the Joint Biosecurity Committee.

He also describe the creation of niche geodemographic summary measures, and current endeavours at the Consumer Data Research Centre to relate geodemographic classifications to measures of footfall and activities in urban areas.

We will then be joined by Dr. Emma White, current chair of MRS CGG to detail the current activities of the group, guest speakers and opportunites to participate.


Dr Barry Leventhal is a consultant statistician with experience gained in market research, geodemographics and analytics.

Dr Leventhal founded the Census & Geodemographics Group in 1989 and was its chair for over 25 years. In 2017 he was awarded the MRS Gold Medal for signal service to the profession.

He has published books on geodemographics and predictive analytics, and has written numerous articles and papers on these topics.

Paul Longley is Professor of Geographic Information Science at University College London, where he directs the Economic and Social Research Council Consumer Data Research Centre. He has worked extensively on geodemographics over the years.

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