We want to update you on how we are working to support the sector, and so we are on our annual tour covering the latest work around talent, sustainability, inclusion and the #StartMakingSense campaign.

Attend this webinar to discover:

Talent in the sector – the MRS Delphi group has worked with senior practitioners and clients to research at what research alchemy should look like. It’s a challenge and with the war for talent being a major concern, MRS has been investigating the current mood music among agency staff. We’ll take you through the campaigns to meet this challenge.   

#StartMakingSense – in 2022 we have launched a call to arms with the hashtag #StartMakingSense alongside our well-established #EvidenceMatters. Hear more about how we are promoting the value of market and social research in 2022 to government, business and beyond to ensure that insight has its place at the top table.

Sustainability and Net the Zero Pledge – the research sector is taking steps to be part of the solution to the growing climate emergency. We launched the MRS Net Zero Pledge in June 2021 to enable the sector to get to carbon neutral by 2026 - currently 55 organisations have signed up to date. Discover how you can be part of the drive to a sustainable sector.

Inclusion best practice guidance – MRS has produced 4 new best practice inclusion guidelines to help practitioners act legally and ethically in collecting data and asking research participants about ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identify and physical and mental health conditions.  We will steer you through the new guidance 

Who can attend?

These webinars are only available to anyone within MRS Scotland Network

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