Big brands are facing a growth crisis. Across the board, many are failing to grow themselves or the categories in which they operate. Start-ups are capturing market share because they are closer to the consumers they serve. Time and time again, we hear from big brands, ‘How did we miss that?’

 It is all the more strange as these brands have more data than ever before. They have better technology and have invested in analytics capabilities. Yet they still miss opportunities that are hidden in plain sight.

What lies at the heart of the problem is a disconnect that has always existed in research - if you want to get close to people, you do qual. If you want to make big decisions, do quant. But what happens when you want to make big decisions based on getting closer to consumers? Why can’t you do qualitative research at scale?

In this webinar, MRS Award winner Streetbees will show why we no longer need such artificial distinctions such as qual or quant, and how big brands are transforming their decision-making capabilities by carrying out qual at scale.

Tune-in to learn:

  • How to collect qualitative data at scale
  • How Natural Language Processing is used to organise unstructured data into something we can make sense of
  • How Neural Networks are used to find patterns in that data, and identify opportunities for growth
  • Case studies highlighting growth opportunities that big brands have acted on
Sam Curtis is Client Strategist at Streetbees. He’s a consumer and shopper expert with over 12 years’ experience in market research, including at some of the largest agencies. He now helps deliver new solutions and insights that help the world’s biggest brands grow.

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