Data integrity is crucial in quantitative research. If the numbers can’t be trusted, market research quickly becomes worthless. But how can agencies build teams capable of delivering data integrity? And what questions should clients ask agencies to make sure what they’re looking at is real? 

This webinar with Michael Calvert is full of practical advice on how to achieve data integrity. While AI, automation and mass global panel marketplaces are bringing huge benefits, they also create multiple new challenges, like bots and mass panel fraud. Learn the importance of joined up teams and singular accountability for all three elements of the data collection process: the panel, the survey, and the data cleaning post field.  

Michael explains why recruiting and caring for good participants is vital, as is cleaning the data they create. He also advocates for the appointment of a singular 'Guardian of Participant Engagement’. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • A summary of the challenges to address for data integrity 
  • A list of checks to apply to your data collection ecosystem  
  • Practical examples of how to blend human and AI automation together to ensure strong data 
  • Questions for your clients to ask their data suppliers to make sure what they’re looking at is real 

Michael Calvert is Head of Data Solutions, Blue Yonder Research. He started his journey with the agency in 2017, and his achievements have earned him a coveted spot in the 'Significant Insights 30under30’ list. Michael's strength lies in his ability to translate complex data into easily digestible insights for clients. He also conducts internal training for leading global companies like Reckitt, participates in prominent industry events like IIEX Europe, and shares his knowledge through an annual guest lecture at the University of York. 

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