Many of us started our careers in qualitative research enticed by the prospect of deep engagement with consumers – but the rise of technology (while great) has triggered a decline in face-to-face methods. In this Speaker Evening, Kajel Kumar, Research Director, Relish promises to re-ignite our passion with an interactive session on the power of in-home research.

What you’ll learn:

  • Deeper customer insight by going beyond what’s said… A comprehensive understanding of the truths we can glean from being in participants’ homes with them, and how we can employ all of our senses in doing this
  • Commercial insight through immersion… Helping millennial insight buyers understand what they’re missing by not being in-home, and an encouragement for clients to experience the benefits for themselves
  • Why going in-home is often an excellent application of behavioural economics theory
  • That for all intents and purposes this methodology is ethnographic – and often as close to true ethnography as we are able to get
  • That it’s usually possible to incorporate an element of in-home research, even if only for a small portion of the fieldwork

Kajel Kumar promises delivers an interactive session on the power of in-home research, showing that, while time, cost and convenience play a part in shaping our methods, they needn’t be seen as challenges that restrain our thinking.

Kajel references a number of case studies in which a more ethnographic approach was paramount in achieving key insights. It includes looking at the impact of social dynamics on alcohol consumption, and the use of cognitive interviewing to tap into the psyches of women reflecting on the ageing process.

About the speaker:

Kajel Kumar is a Research Director at Relish, with over 15 years’ experience in research. She’s passionate about the power of human connections and keeping these alive for deeper, more meaningful interactions with participants. As a former Samaritan, Kajel was instrumental in driving more face-to-face meetings with vulnerable callers to help fellow volunteers ‘read between the lines’ and create a greater level of engagement.

Booking will open 6 weeks before the event takes place.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

No Biography Available

18:00-18:45    Registration, drinks and networking

18:45-19:30    Presentation

19:30-19:50    Q & A

19:50-20:00     Finish and depart

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