Questions to ask and pitfalls to avoid

A webinar for new researchers dealing with the field process

As a new researcher, the world of field can be unfamiliar and littered with unknowns. The pressures of delivering for clients often mean that field is overlooked as an important part in the process. This webinar is designed to show you that with a little know-how and involvement, fieldwork can be a smooth process and really add value to the end result.

Who should attend?
Anyone involved in the field recruitment process


Part 1 - Friday 21st June

  • The chain – an overall view of the market research chain; from commissioner to respondent.
  • What are you asking for? How to choose the right sample.
  • When to include the field agency. Don’t promise quotas without discussing with field.
  • Respecting the respondent/MRS Code of Conduct. Important things to remember.
  • Recruiters and recruitment methods – an overview of methods used, where best employed, how they’re managed etc.
  • Picture Perfect – dealing with people is never picture perfect. If it is, be wary!
  • Q&A

Part 2-Friday 28th June

  • Incentives – a guide. Not always as straight forward as you think; how the MRS Code impacts.
  • Timings – when and where to carry out field.
  • Ethics – things to bear in mind when dealing with the general population.
  • Client sample – how to deal with field when sample is provided.
  • Data Protection – things that are key.
  • Managing client expectations and going back to the client.
  • Q&A

Abi Fuller, Operations Director at Acumen Fieldwork

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