To deliver relevant insights and impactful advice, researchers need to understand the context in which marketing decisions are made.  An appreciation of the key challenges faced by modern marketers allow researchers to design better solutions, focus their analysis on what’s important and share findings in the most meaningful way.

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

This fun, accessible, highly interactive on-line course provides a rounded introduction to modern marketing principles and practices, tailored to the needs of insights professionals. The content has been developed and will be delivered by Dan White, who has been both a Chief Marketing Officer and market research leader and is the author of ‘The Smart Marketing Book’, which covers the course’s topics in greater depth and will be sent out to delegates after the session.

By the end of the course, participants will have the marketing understanding they need to deliver research with maximum business impact.

The main aims of the course are to:

  • Familiarise participants with the key responsibilities and activities of marketing
  • Explain the core marketing principles and how they relate to market research
  • Provide frameworks and visualisation that will help participants remember the principles and use them in discussions with marketing
  • Share ideas and suggestions for maximising the business impact of MR


  • Marketing: its purpose and role in business
  • Brand development: defining a brand
  • Brand experience: creating positive moments and interactions
  • Innovation: developing new products and services
  • Communications: using channels effectively
  • Creative content: developing compelling content
  • Sales promotion: pricing strategy and use of promotions
  • Measurement: role of data and insights in guiding marketing
  • Brand Review: revising brand strategy and budget setting
  • Brand Extension: moving into new markets

Who will benefit?
Market researchers who are relatively new to the profession and want to ensure their work is as relevant as possible in the modern marketing environment. More experienced professional may also find the course valuable for filling in any blind spots in their understanding of marketing.

Learning Method
Explanations; discussions; quizzes; interactive exercises, Q&A via chat function.

Half day course via video conferencing platform.


After three decades in the profession, Dan’s enthusiasm for market research and its people is as great as ever. Dan has always been at the forefront of innovation, involved in the development of many of the world’s most successful research methods such as Kantar’s BRANDZ, LinkTM & Cross Media solutions and Unilever’s PreView & Brand Health Check systems.

Dan’s contribution to industry thought leadership includes identifying what makes global advertising effective, scrutinizing the potential for viral, search and ’depth’ marketing, and championing mobile data collection to ensure sustainable representative samples. He is the author of ‘The Smart Marketing Book’.

As Head of Expertise for insights, Kantar UK, Dan turned his attention to the next generation of market research professionals, focusing on the new capabilities needed in the rapidly evolving business environment. As a trainer, Dan now shares his creativity, intellect and infectious enthusiasm with other insights professionals, helping them to thrive in our endlessly fascinating industry.

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