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Semiotics is renowned as a method of qualitative analysis and creative projection which helps consumer insight and branding people escape from a cage of conventional thinking: numbers-driven, linear, literal-minded, and supposedly rational. This Advanced Semiotics course is for people who are already aware of the basics of the semiotic approach to culture and communications and who wish to explore higher level and more emergent tools and applications. 

The Masterclass is planned to change with each iteration – presenting a range of advanced perspectives leading methodological development while engaging with how cultural change is currently impacting most dramatically on brands and organisations. New masters, new topics, new interactive opportunities to understand, articulate and transform brand thinking and communication. We select a new, salient cultural theme for each Masterclass - past themes have included Rebellion, Community and Nature. We look particularly at how the Residual / Dominant / Emergent Code Trajectory and Mapping can be used to track change and identify opportunities available to brands and businesses.

The experience of the day will be grounded on practical application of the tools and perspectives explored to one subject of strong topical relevance for brands, working within a matrix of recurring activities.

Learning outcomes 

  • Decoding brand, category and cultural meanings
  • Understanding the contexts within which these meanings have to cut through executionally
  • Strategic mapping of competitive spaces, trajectories of change, opportunities for disruptive innovation
  • Engaging with the practicalities of recoding brand meanings to optimize their synergies with cultural and category evolution
  • Exploring the critical frontiers where culture merges with technology and behaviour

Who will benefit 

Marketing, insight and design specialists with a grounding in the basics of the semiotic approach; advertising and design agency planners; brand strategists and semiotic practitioners looking for new insight ideas, inspirations, and higher level tools and applications.

Those that already have a grounding in the basics

"Instructive, collaborative and inspiring - oh, and good fun!"

Meg Palmer - Verce, July 2022

"A very neat encapsulation of a tricky subject to grasp"

Mat Riches - ITV, November 2021

“Really patient and flexible about diving deeper into areas the group was most interested in, immensely helpful!”

Yannie Fu, Clear Aisa

Additional Information

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