Asking Smarter Questions is a new training course from award-winning author and trainer Sam Knowles, which champions the art of curiosity, setting out the six Universal Principles that make every question count.

The simple act of asking questions has been overlooked for too long as too trivial to contemplate. The building blocks of insight are data, joined together in novel, unpredictable ways. And we surface new information to make meaningful connections by asking smarter questions.

The starting point for this course comes from a much-misunderstood figure from the history of intellectual enquiry: Socrates. The essential principle of his method of investigation is the Socratic paradox: “All that I know is that I know nothing”. This course joins the dots between the questions we ask to surface the right data, the insights we articulate using this data, and the stories we tell using data-driven insights. We discuss the pivotal role of framing and asking genuinely smart questions in detail. This matters in crafting qualitative discussion guides, building compelling search strings to harvest relevant social media content, and analysing Big Data sets.

 “Asking Smarter Questions” is a dynamic mix of theory and practice, including individual and team exercises that allow delegates to put novel ideas and frameworks to work in their day jobs straightaway.

 Learning outcomes/learning objectives

  • Increased confidence and competence in the what and the how of asking smarter questions
  • Practical tools to ensure that questions generate the desired, required answers
  • Learning by doing with game-changing templates, including the world’s best briefing template

Who will benefit?

This course is designed to give a boost to everyone working in research and analytics, whatever their experience and level of seniority. It can equally help a director with 20 years’ experience to refresh and update their approach to asking smarter questions AND help to set up a new graduate for success at the start of their career. Indeed, Sam’s approach to learning is designed to work best with blended groups with different levels of experience. No voice is left out; all are heard and involved. The most senior can learn from the most junior, and vice versa.

Learning method

A tried-and-tested blend of theory and practice, with simple and straightforward templates and frameworks introduced and road-tested in individual and team exercises. The course provides ample time for group discussion and individual reflection.

Course delivery mode


Additional Information

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