As we all now face the challenge of remote working, the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively using platforms such as Zoom becomes a vital skill.  Zoom presents as many opportunities and benefits as challenges and complexities.  This highly practical workshop will enable you to leverage the former and overcome the latter.

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Learning outcomes

You will leave this bitesize, half-day masterclass able to host an effective, interactive & action-orientated meeting via Zoom.  You’ll do this by learning:

  • The similarities of, and differences between, effective face-to-face communication and virtual communication
  • The various technical features of Zoom that will enhance the engagement of all participants & the achievement of your meeting’s aims
  • The importance of the more human, emotional & relationship-based skills of communication
  • The importance of planning & preparation, of having clear objectives & ground rules upfront, and of ensuring agreement at the end
  • Tips and techniques for ensuring interaction & engagement, while maintaining control of the meeting & its direction
  • Of some of the other virtual collaboration & communication platforms available.

The workshop will provide valuable opportunities to discuss how to apply these fundamental take-outs to a range of scenarios & audiences.  You’ll leave with tangible personal actions that, once implemented, will make a real difference to the success and effectiveness of all your virtual meetings.

Who will benefit?

Anyone wanting to master the benefits of virtual communication via Zoom, as well as to avoid the potential pitfalls, regardless of role, situation or participants.

Learning methods

  • Tutor presentation
  • Group discussions
  • Paired & group activities
Daniel Wain runs Daniel Wain Consulting, specialising in creative & bespoke training, coaching and strategic learning & development (L&D) consultancy. Previously he was Worldwide Director of Learning & Development at Research International, responsible for designing and driving the company's L&D strategy across its global network. An experienced researcher and business developer, his clients have included Royal Mail, Audi, Boots, Virgin, Chanel, Next and BT. He is a Full Member of MRS, Equity, the Society of Authors and the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, and a Chartered Fellow of both the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and the Royal Society of Arts. He is also a published playwright, and award-winning conference speaker & actor.

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