Learn how to apply behavioural science in quantitative market research

Course overview/description:

Over the past decade, insights and approaches from behavioural science have been incorporated into qualitative research with a fair degree of success. However, when it comes to quantitative research there is still significant untapped potential. This interactive workshop explores how behaviour change models, behavioural economics, and personality psychology have been successfully used in quantitative research, helping clients to better understand, predict, and change behaviour.

Whether you work in an agency or client-side, this session will enable you to discover specific opportunities, and to immediately begin applying behavioural science insights and approaches in quantitative research. The applications discussed are all low cost, and supplementary to existing quantitative research techniques and data collection methods.

Learning outcomes / learning objectives:

  • Learn about three key areas within behavioural science: behaviour change models, behavioural economics, and personality psychology
  • Understand why these three areas are especially well suited to quantitative research
  • Identify simple quantitative research applications within each area through real-life case studies
  • Master and feel confident executing each of these simple applications through exercises
  • Explore more advanced applications and opportunities   
  • Develop behavioural tools to help you tackle barriers to successful implementation of these applications in your organisation

Who will benefit: Anyone working regularly with quantitative and / or qualitative data in a research agency or client organisation - regardless of level of previous behavioural science experience

Learning method: Individual exercises, group discussions, and behavioural experiments

Course delivery mode: Online via Zoom

Trainer biography:

Chris Harvey is the Founder of Activate Research, helping to drive business growth through behavioural science.

He has over 15 years’ experience in the research industry, covering sectors including pharmaceutical, FMCG, finance, B2B, social, and sport. He holds an MSc (Distinction) in Behavioural Science, and has helped a variety of different agencies and clients to grow through behavioural science training and consultancy.  

Chris has delivered multiple behavioural science training sessions for the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA) and as well as delivering this MRS workshop, has had work published in the International Journal of Market Research (IJMR).

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