If we are to perform effectively at work, we need a range of skills that we can acquire and develop as our career develops too. Many of these skills will apply to our personal as well as our professional life and MRS has a portfolio of online learning subjects to support you.

Key information

  • Each course is 3 to 4 hours in duration
  • Contains learning, resource information and personal learning styles
  • Monitor your own progress
  • Obtain a Certificate of Completion
  • £90 each (discounts for bulk purchases)

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Course Content
MRS offers 17 short business courses. Each course is designed to be completed within half a day – or to be dipped into when you need a refresher.

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Advancing the Sale
Coaching Skills
Conversations with Clients
Health and Safety
Leadership Skills
Managing from Within the Team
Managing High Performing Teams Managing Relationships
Managing Workload
Market Analysis
Negotiation Skills
Networking Skills
Problem Solving
Professionalism and Ethics
Project Management
Social Media for Professionals
Writing a Business Plan


Managing from Within the Team
Managers too often think of themselves as sitting above the people they manage, but in reality every manager is also a member of their own team. This course helps managers to balance these two roles and manage their teams more effectively from within. Find out more.

Coaching Skills
Coaching plays a central role in the development of a successful working relationship between a manager and his/her team. As such it is a fundamental part of any manager’s skill set. This course provides a background to coaching, helps the learner understand what motivates their team members, and looks at how the way they give feedback can affect motivation and performance. Find out more.

Leadership Skills
Many people make the mistake of thinking that leadership is something that only very senior people have to consider. In fact, leadership is a skill that every manager needs to master. This course helps learners to develop their leadership skills and use them to provide direction for their team. Find out more.

Managing Workload
We all have times when we work to tight deadlines, or feel we have too much to do, but we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking there is nothing we can do about it.This course helps the learner develop techniques for managing workload through identifying their priorities correctly, setting effective goals, and making the best use of their time. It also looks at what they can do when their workload really does become excessive. Find out more.

Negotiation Skills
Negotiation is not just about doing a deal – we all negotiate, all the time. How long will it take? Who’s going to do it? How much will it cost? Who’s going to make the coffee this time? This course helps the learner plan for negotiations, make sure the outcomes are successful and handle difficult situations when they arise. Find out more.

Advancing the Sale
Too many sales people lose sight of their long-term interests by concentrating on closing quickly. Research does not typically encourage or even tolerate high pressure selling. The goal is to build a long-term relationship, and sales people can only do this if they move at the right pace. Find out more.

Conversations with Clients
The way you plan and conduct conversations with your clients and prospects will be the most significant factor in developing your relationship with them. The way you structure an interaction and the approach you adopt to uncovering clients’ needs through effective questioning will determine whether you are accepted as a trusted advisor or not. Find out more.

Networking Skills
Networking is the process of using our existing contacts and expanding our network to meet our career or business aims. At the heart of networking is the activity of building and maintaining relationships.This course takes the learner through the steps necessary to master this activity and ensure your relationships are fruitful. Find out more.

Problem Solving
Problem solving is a skill you need to develop, whatever your role. This course provides a practical guide to problem solving by defining the problem, gathering information, decision making and presenting the solution. Find out more.

Project Management
Much of our day-to-day role is project management, and this course will give you the skills and techniques to be able to handle a project successfully, ensuring deadlines are kept and objectives are met. Find out more.

Managing High Performing Teams The most effective teams are not people who are simply told what to do, they are a team of individuals that know how to work together and handle the tasks that arise in the best possible way. Successful team management can provide a multitude of benefits to an organisation. A high performing team increases morale, improves productivity and efficiency and provides better overall organisational performance. Find out more.

Social Media for Professionals Social media is a powerful tool for supporting your professional activities. It can help you build networks, enhance organisational work processes and work practices and boost your personal career development. You'll see how social media can help you achieve your own professional goals, explore some of the most common social media platforms and discover how other businesses and individuals use social media in a professional context. You'll develop your own social media brand, start to build an online professional network and consider how social media can be used for marketing, organising events or managing collaborative and remote-working projects. Find out more.

Managing Relationships
Do you understand how your behaviour can influence other people? A good understanding of working relationships can give you the power to persuade, motivate and delegate more effectively and get the best out of the people around you. Understand the complexities of managing relationships and get advice on how to enhance the way you interact with your colleagues. Find out more.

Health and Safety Responsibility for health and safety in an organisation typically rests with apopointed managers. However, there are issues around health and safety that anyone within your business needs to be aware of, from what the fire evacuation procedure is to lifting a box correctly. This module looks at how to comply with health and safety regulations and what every member of staff should be aware of from a day-to-day point of view. Find out more.

Market Analysis Market analysis is not just about the application of analytical techniques to reams of data. So often people say 'we need more data' when there is no more available. At some point a judgement has to be made - there are more important things than choosing between two numbers. This course will help give learners the confidence to make those judgements. Find out more.

Professionalism and Ethics From the Enron scandal and BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill to MPs expenses and Wiki Leaks - issues of trust, transparency, ethics and corporate social responsibility have never been so high on the agenda. Yet recognising ethical issues and taking appropriate and effective decisions isn't easy. The management of ethical dilemmas is a challenging situation. Find out more.

Writing a Business Plan Successful businesses and investors will have a track record in determining not only which projects are funded through to completion but also those that aren't taken forward. One key tool in the decision making process is the business plan. Here's how to do it. Find out more.


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