Learn how to reduce both your own and your organisation’s carbon emissions with this sector-specific course, accredited by the Carbon Literacy Trust.

This is a sector-relevant course aimed at developing carbon literacy for individuals and organisations within the insight sector. Using a variety of engaging and interactive learning approaches, you’ll develop a clear understanding of the science of climate change, the relative impact of different activities on greenhouse gas emissions and what we can do ourselves and in our organisations to reduce them.

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The course has been developed according to strict standards set by the Carbon Literacy Project, a renowned initiative recognised by the United Nations at CO21 as TAP100, one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programmes. At the end of the course and following a short assessment task reviewed by your trainer and the Carbon Literacy Trust, you’ll be credited as ‘Climate Literate’. By joining as an organisation, you can work towards becoming a ‘Climate Literate Organisation’.

In a sentence the course provides:

‘An awareness of the cost and impact on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions ofeveryday activities in professional and personal lives, as well as how and why emissions should be reduced.’

or put more simply:

‘Carbon Literacy is about understanding what I actually need to do, why I need to do it, where I can get help to do it, actually doing it and seeing that I've done it”

Learning outcomes/learning objectives
  • The science of climate change and why we know that human activity is responsible.
  • What a carbon footprint really means, and how to reduce it.
  • The impact of global heating, why it’s important to reduce our emissions, and by when.
  • What outcomes we can expect if we don’t reduce our emissions.
  • How to take relevant action as an individual, an organisation, and a sector to reduce carbon emissions.
  • How to communicate to a range of audiences about climate change to further affect change.
  • How the insight sector specifically can have an impact on carbon emissions in their own operations and via their influence as researchers and consultants.
  • How to achieve certification as a ‘Carbon Literate individual’.
  • By joining with colleagues, how to certify as a ‘Carbon Literate Organisation’.
Who will benefit?

Anyone working in an insights role or organisation at any level, both as an agency or client-side, who wants to build a clear understanding of how we can fight the climate emergency as individuals and as a sector, and what to do to take action.

Learning method

The course is delivered online and is equivalent to a full day of learning spaced across three 2-hour sessions. It includes some personal learning. A range of pedagogies are included, with time given for discussion, collaboration, play, reflection, creativity and action planning.

At the end of the course all delegates will develop two pledges to take forward, ensuring real impact in emissions reduction. This includes: one significant new action within their individual control to reduce carbon footprint and one significant, new action involving other people to reduce collective carbon footprint via their workplace. Individual pledges will then be evaluated for certification by the Carbon Literacy Trust.

Certification fee: Certification by Shift Insight and the Carbon Literacy Trust (includes trainer review and feedback of evidence form, administration, Carbon Literacy Trust accreditation fee) is £80 paid after the course attendance. 

Trainer biography
Jenny Kedros, Carbon Literacy Trainer and Independent Research Consultant

The course was developed by Shift Insight, a full-service research consultancy working exclusively for sectors related to education, sustainability and membership. The lead trainer, Jenny Kedros, developed the course with support from the wider Shift team, including several with teaching qualifications, and with the support and collaboration of the Insight Climate Collective.

Jenny is a carbon literacy trainer and research consultant. As Shift Insights’s Research and Insights Director till 2023, Jenny led on developing sustainability as a core Shift specialism. Jenny completed The Oxford Climate Emergency Programme with the University of Oxford (Saïd Business School and The Smith Institute of Enterprise and Environment) in 2021 and was certified Carbon Literate after attending the Carbon Literacy for Interested Organisations course in 2022. Her organisational pledge was to create this sector specific, Carbon Literacy course, which was certified in May 2023. In her independent capacity she continues to deliver Carbon Literacy Training while creating new, and learning existing, climate education courses and workshops. The current average carbon footprint of a UK citizen is 12.7 tonnes CO2e. At the time of writing in November 2023 the Carbon Literacy Project estimated the amount of carbon saved by delegates’ pledged actions to be at least 268,000 tonnes of CO2e.


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