This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.


Understand consumer motivations – from classical theory to current thinking


This course provides a conceptual framework for how we approach consumer thought – illuminated by current thinking in consumer psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics, as well as the latest consumer trends. This is underpinned by methods including semiotics, observational research and other exploratory techniques.

The course demonstrates the links from classic sociology, psychology and ethnography – looking at how these still impact what we do as researchers today, and how some of these founding principles are being challenged through new approaches and theoretical constructs.

It is designed to provoke debate and challenge accepted thinking. On a practical level, it will inform you of the latest theories in the field and allow you to deliver this into your business. It also offers examples of how these principles are being applied in research and marketing.

Learning outcomes:

  • An appreciation of the classical and current thinking in consumer psychology
  • How innovative techniques are being used to address some of the more challenging aspects of understanding consumer think
  • Examples of how these frameworks and tools are practically applied to research problems
  • Applying these to your day-to-day work – be it questionnaire design, analysis, reporting of data or simply promoting the consumer view internally

Who will benefit:
Anyone needing to keep abreast of how consumers think. The course is aimed at a more introductory level, with a top-level view of some the schools of thought (both classical and contemporary) and how these have influenced modern day market research.

“A comprehensive review of behavioural principles, with lots of examples.”

Anna Leggett, Firefish
07 October 2016

“Very insightful, lots of food for thought.”

Hannah Ely-Taylor, The Walt Disney Company
07 October 2016

“Intro to Psychology, tailored to group needs.”

Lee Thomas, Tesco Clubcard
07 October 2016

“Really interesting.”

Abigail Shenton, Tesco
13 April 2016


Chantal McDowell, Tesco
13 April 2016

Benjamin has been working in the business of changing behaviour for over a decade – helping some of the biggest brands and companies to activate the latest behavioural science and design thinking to increase effectiveness of their research, communications, CX/UX, products, services and more. His experience in behavioural design and insight spans the UK, Europe and Middle East, with clients from across private, public and third sectors, including Auto Trader, Heathrow Airport, Network Rail, Centrica, HSBC, Diageo, and WWF International, amongst many others.     
Benjamin has an MA (Hons) in Social Sciences from The University of Edinburgh and is a proud winner of a Nudge Award – the world’s first behaviour change awards. He is also an AQR Prosper Riley-Smith Qualitative Excellence Finalist and AURA Most Inspiring Agency Speaker Finalist.

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