An introduction to consumer psychology but not as you know it. We’ll play a game online where the stakes couldn’t be higher. The life of the human you’re controlling!

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Research and insight adventurers need to understand people to help influence consumer choice. This introductory course will teach you the concepts from psychology that build to bring us a more complete view of a person. From classical theory to modern trends in neuroscience, behavioural science, and beyond.

This course will link together the methods you use in your work to the theories that underpin them, enabling you to have a broad and clear understanding of the psychological perspectives.

But how we get there is up to you! This learning is wrapped and delivered inside a game. Lead by your trainer you’ll be taken through a Choose Your Own Adventure style game for a sci-fy theme. As a team and individually you’ll be learning by guiding the actions of our protagonists in the hope that they’ll escape trouble and survive to be great consumers. We’ll solve puzzles, meet new characters, and learn about our theory through experience. This will feel new and different and hopefully more fun than a PowerPoint presentation.

Learning outcomes/objectives
  1. Learn classical and current thinking on how people decide
  2. Learn how these viewpoints have built to research methodologies
  3. Examples of how these methods have been used and the outcomes for businesses
  4. How to apply these to your everyday work. From research design to analysis and presenting
  5. Some practise at thinking on your feet when it comes to understanding people
  6. Feeling refreshed and excited after the training session and bringing that feeling to your organisation

Who will benefit?
  • Anyone looking to add psychological breadth to their knowledge. Those who want to understand the classical theory and how it has been updated to now.
  • Those looking to learn how research methods and models have been built from psychological theory.
  • People who are tired of traditional training sessions and want to go on a learning adventure.

Learning method
  • 6-hour online game lead by the trainer. Interactive and exciting

Course delivery mode
  • Remotely via Zoom and using Mural virtual whiteboards
“A comprehensive review of behavioural principles, with lots of examples.”

Anna Leggett, Firefish
07 October 2016

“Very insightful, lots of food for thought.”

Hannah Ely-Taylor, The Walt Disney Company
07 October 2016

“Intro to Psychology, tailored to group needs.”

Lee Thomas, Tesco Clubcard
07 October 2016

“Really interesting.”

Abigail Shenton, Tesco
13 April 2016


Chantal McDowell, Tesco
13 April 2016

Joe (Beahvioural Design Director – Corporate Culture) is an applied business psychologist and behavioural scientist. He’s helped brands including HSBC, Mondelez, Pepsi, Sky, EasyJet, and E.ON understand human decision making and influence change. Through great research understanding and a creative spark, Joe has created products and services, reframed offers, communicated clearly, and made sure apps have worked for his client’s customers.

Joe is a member of the AQR and ABP, was part of BrainJuicer/System1 Group’s Labs/R+D team, a behavioural scientist for Croydon Council and Schwa, and believes there is nothing better than injecting some into research.

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