This workshop will teach you the basics for creating your own, and customising pre-designed graphics in Adobe Illustrator for presentations, reports and insights.

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Being able to produce visual content that is on-brand for your business has never been more important. Whether it be for external marketing, social media, or even internal messaging, having the ability to convey communications through visually appealing and well designed imagery can make a significant difference in how that information is consumed. 

Having the skills to create simple, on-brand graphics and design layouts, gives you the opportunity to engage your audience in a way that shows them how important presentation can be and how much you care about how information is delivered. .

Whether it be to highlight key insights in a report, or share takeaways from a presentation, creating graphics to assist in these information assets is essential in communicating seriously about your work.

In this workshop with visual insight expert, Paul McGhie, delegates will learn how to create, draw and design in Adobe Illustrator; the most popular illustration platform in the world. Learn how to draw simple shapes, combine them to create more complicated images, basic design layouts, and how to take existing graphics and re-colour them within your brand guidelines.

Delegates will be doing plenty of learning-by-doing through hands-on activities on how to produce an e-flyer or visual social post template they can use in their workplace again and again once the workshop is complete.

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

The key aims and objectives of the course are to share the technical elements of using Adobe Illustrator for producing informative, visually arresting graphics that create the kind of impact that leaves stakeholders wanting to deep dive for more. The course is set up to give participants all the instructive steps they need to technically create these graphics time and time again.

  • Software orientation - Understand your way around the various windows and components of Illustrator.
  • How to draw basic shapes.
  • How to combine shapes.
  • How to recolour graphics.
  • Setting up an artboard.
  • Sourcing pre-existing graphics and rebranding.
  • Drawing graphics.
  • Learn how to overlay text.
  • Layering shapes to build your graphic image.
  • Exporting for digital publishing and print.

Who will benefit?

This course will benefit people that need to make information more visually engaging and are looking for new and innovative ways of creating impact with stakeholders; whether revamping quarterly reports, or discovering creative ways of delivering data and insights. If you’re a market researcher, whether experienced or fresh to the industry, or an agency working with insights and data, this course will give you a bold, new technique of communicating your work.

This course is for complete beginners as well as people who have had some graphic-based drawing experience.

Learning method

This workshop will allow participants to work through a series of tasks in Adobe Illustrator in order to gain the confidence needed to create your own graphics.

Course delivery mode


By agreeing to participate in this training course you also agree to download any software application(s) that are required for the fulfilment of the course.

Paul McGhie is a visual messaging specialist, he has worked in market research, visual marketing and now works within commercial video production. He has won awards for his film work and teaches many workshops on the power of visual messaging.

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