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In today’s world, people expect to be entertained, for things to be easily accessible and intuitive. We are bombarded by communications, but the cognitive limit of our brains means we have to filter what we take in. Data journalism and infographics recognise these trends, but is the research world keeping up?

This highly practical and interactive workshop shows how to apply some of the fundamentals of good creative writing, storytelling and journalism to research presentations, reports, briefs and proposals.

Topics include:

  • Why research needs to communicate more effectively
  • Balancing our left brain with our right
  • The tools of an effective storyteller, including knowing your audience and defining your purpose and plot
  • Learning from journalists how to storyboard and simplify
  • Connecting with the audience through language and character
Learning outcomes
  • Incorporate the fundamentals of creative writing, storytelling and journalism to improve your research communications
  • The importance of analysing and segmenting your audience
  • Connect your audience with your content... and with you
  • Focus on the story, using data to support it not complicate it
  • How to ‘spot the gorilla’ and ‘pass the elevator test’
  • Experiment with various storytelling, journalistic and creative writing techniques
  • Create tangible action plans that will make a difference
Who would benefit

Anyone, whether from the client or agency side, who would like to improve their written communication skills. Please note, however, that this workshop does not focus on elemental aspects of writing such as grammar, spelling or punctuation!

"An engaging blend of presentations and workshop exercises"

Ed Oferrall - Bryter Ltd, June 2022

"A practical and accessible introduction to elevating your report writing."

Ellie, June 2022

"A lot of content presented in an easy to follow way"

Kalina Bojourova - Delineate, June 2021

"The course was extremely interesting and valuable, it made me think outside of the box and further my storytelling when reporting."

Anna Prescott - MTM, June 2021

"Informative and interesting."

Megan Strachan - MTM, December 2019

Danny Wain specialises in learning and development / HR consultancy, and trains & coaches in a range of business and relationship skills.  Prior to founding Daniel Wain Consulting Limited in 2007, he was a researcher for nearly 20 years.  After working for IMR (now part of the WPP Group), he joined Research International (RI) in 1992.  Danny spent his first decade with RI as a researcher then business developer, focusing upon customer relationship research, service measurement and mystery shopping.  His clients included Royal Mail, Audi, Boots, Virgin, Chanel, Next and BT.  His last role at RI was as Worldwide Director of Learning & Development (L&D), responsible for developing and driving RI’s L&D strategy across its global network.

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