Managing the customer experience is fundamentally important to all organisations.

Doing so well brings competitive advantage and often greater efficiency. It has great potential to add value to the bottom line. There is a growing recognition that this is an area in which customer insight teams can and should play a leading role – not just in supply of metrics, but in guiding and inspiring others to take action. Like many worthwhile activities, this is potentially daunting. But if you understand the scope for adding value, and the principles of how to go about it, it becomes much more achievable.

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Customer insight team managers (with and without a separate customer experience team in their organisation)
  • Market research agency staff who want to better appreciate the context for the service performance data they collect, and the potential for adding further value to what they deliver to clients

Aims and objectives:

  • To inspire delegates to inspire the business to improve the customer experience
  • To demonstrate the value of customer insight teams in going beyond their normal remit
  • To show delegates how to persuade both key decision-makers and frontline staff of the value of improving the customer experience and gain their commitment to action
  • To provide delegates with the tools and techniques they need to analyse the customer experience, to identify the key improvements arising, and to get them actioned

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the value of optimising the customer experience, and the typical barriers to overcome
  • Understand the benefits of mapping the customer journey
  • Create a map of (part of) the customer journey for their own organisation
  • Understand how to run a customer experience mapping workshop
  • Know how to prioritise actions to improve the customer experience
  • Appreciate the role (and limitations) of customer experience metrics, and the common types
  • Know how to persuade others of the value of taking action to improve the customer experience
  • Understand the value of customer immersion/closeness and ways this can be achieved
  • Appreciate the importance of customer expectations, and how expectations are formed and managed
  • Describe the role of a customer insight team in managing the customer experience

Pete Carl - BT, November 2022

"Very insightful, and well presented!"

Barbara Macaulay - Ipsos UK, November 2022

"A great introduction to CX and an inspiration to adopt it. Very CX-y training!"

Ann-Marie Greensmith - Kudos Research, December 2021

“A fantastic one stop shop looking at embatting customer experience in a business.”

Yvette Smith - Dignity PLC, November 2019


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