Leverage a variety of data from an interdisciplinary field to help drive competitive advantage

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

This course guides you through the data, questions and tools that quantitative researchers, analysts and data scientists work with to tackle increasingly sophisticated questions that stretch the limits of traditional market research techniques.

It covers cutting-edge advances from the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive psychology, and looks at how companies like Google, Microsoft, Unilever, Sky and Netflix are applying technological solutions to complex data challenges.

Throughout the course, we will discuss the implications of advances in data science for the market research industry at large, as well as the latest thinking in the field of algorithmic market research, enabling you to translate this for your business needs in a practical and cost-effective manner.

Learning outcomes
  • The main approaches, tools and recent innovations for turning data into actionable insights
  • Hands-on experience with basic methods of acquiring and cleaning data, as well as visualising data for exploratory analyses
  • How to draw conclusions about populations in a reliable and robust manner
  • How to design and run simple experiments, use multivariate computational statistics and interpret findings
  • How concepts and technologies such as R, SAS, Alteryx and Tableau can be used for data analyses in order to reduce the time required to run and re-run complex analytics by recycling and sharing code
  • Integrating data science approaches with traditional quantitative and qualitative methods
  • A general introduction to algorithms and their role as a bridge between traditional research and more recent technological advances in targeting and personalisation
  • Using data science approaches applied to market research data to create valuable customer insight
Who would benefit

Customer insight and market researchers who want to better understand the burgeoning field of data science.

“Very inspirational, I enjoyed it very much!”

Joanna Targosz, Which?
14 November 2016

“A brief but comprehensive introduction to data science.”

Jennifer Bufton, Sport England
14 November 2016

“Brilliant overview of this evolving area.”

Tom Bowling, MMR Research Worldwide
14 November 2016

“A great insight into 'the future' with practical applications.”

Alish Palmos, Nuero-Insight
14 November 2016

“Fascinating, informative and eye-opening!”

Holly-Ella Coe, Mintel International Group
14 November 2016

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