Hands-on modelling experience and its use in marketing ROI.

This course enables you to gain an understanding of the principles of econometric modelling and how this approach is used to calculate ROI of marketing activities. The content will provide a grounding of the principles which will be important whether you want to run models yourself or you want to gain a better understanding of the process in order to be a more effective buyer of these services.

Aims and objectives
  • To provide a grounding in the principles of how econometric modelling works
  • To give hands on experience in building basic models
  • To show how ROI calculations for marketing activities (such as advertising) can be derived from models
  • To gain an understanding of price elasticity calculation and pricing optimisation
  • To become familiar with basic simulation approaches
  • To give an overview of the pros and cons of econometric modelling in the context of other research approaches
Learning outcomes
  • Understand whether econometric modelling is an appropriate solution to the research question
  • Critique a model or modelling approach effectively
  • Run simple econometric models themselves using Excel
  • Use these models to calculate directional ROI for marketing activities
  • Understand the concept of price elasticity
  • Understand the principles and pitfalls of simulations
Who will benefit?

The course will benefit researchers who need to understand this area in more depth but feel daunted or frustrated by the complex “black box” nature of modelling. Basic spreadsheet skills are an advantage, but the course assumes no prior knowledge of the topic.

“A good overview of the techniques behind Econometric Modelling, presented in a way thats easy to understand.”

Mark McClay, Tesco
06 October 2016


Jegamohan Vicneswararajah, Kantar Media
06 October 2016

“Comprehensive and very detailed.”

Ian Thomas, NGI
06 October 2016

“Interesting and informative.”

Adam Peacock, Codename Consulting
23 February 2016

“Excellent introduction to the subject matter.”

James Morgan, Kantar Media
23 February 2016

“Well structured, from basic to indepth.”

Jingxue Chen, Bonamy Finch
23 February 2016


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

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