Briefing, design, fieldwork, analysis and presentation.


Do you want to get a good grounding in qualitative research? Do you want more confidence as you start running your own qualitative projects, or to have a better idea of what your agencies are doing? Do you want to have a clearer idea about the possibilities and pit-falls of qualitative research?

This comprehensive, interactive and very practical course uses a mixture of lectures and exercises to help you develop a full understanding of all aspects of the qualitative research process, from briefing and research design, through fieldwork and analysis, to the presentation of the findings.

Guided by experienced practitioners, you will work your way through each stage of a qualitative study to give you a comprehensive understanding of the process.

The course is very hands-on. Working in small teams with your fellow delegates, you will have the opportunity to design a qualitative study, both moderate and take part in a group discussion, and then practice feeding back the insights you have generated.

Our highly experienced tutors will be available throughout to answer any specific questions you might have and to help you apply what you have learnt.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, delegates should have developed the skills required to:

  • Understand the brief
  • Prepare proposals
  • Understand and apply appropriate research methodologies, including:
    • Sample design and structure
    • Fieldwork considerations
    • Group processes
    • Group moderating
    • Projective techniques
  • Conduct interviews effectively and confidently
  • Analyse and interpret results
  • Present and report findings
Who will benefit?

The course will benefit recent entrants to market research with limited practical experience of qualitative research, or more experienced practitioners looking to try to undertake or manage qualitative projects.

"It was a pretty intense 3 days but extremely worthwhile!"

Louise – Levercliff, June 2023

"A very useful introduction (and more) to qualitative training, with chances to practice what you learn throughout."

Miller Piggott - The Behavioural Architects, June 2023


Haya Intabli - Mint Diagnostics, June 2023

"Excellent and very informative."

Nathan Summers - Grand Union Housing Group, November 2022


Aysha - Co-op, November 2022

"It was entertaining and educating at the same time :)"

Carolin Mayrhuber, November 2020

"Really comprehensive, practical and inspiring, run by people who care deeply about qualitative research and their students."

Kirsty Macdonald - Bloom & Wild, November 2020

Additional Information

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