Understand the briefing, design, fieldwork, analysis and presentation of qualitative research

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Do you want to ground yourself in the field of qualitative research, develop confidence in running your own projects, understand better what your agencies are doing and see where the opportunities and pitfalls lie?

This comprehensive, interactive and practical course uses a mixture of lectures and exercises to help you develop a full understanding of all aspects of the qualitative research process: from briefing and research design, through fieldwork and analysis, to the presentation of the findings.

Guided by experienced practitioners, you will work your way through each stage of a qualitative study to give you a comprehensive understanding of the process. Working in small teams with fellow delegates, you will design a study, moderate and take part in a group discussion, and then practice feeding back the insights you have generated and applying what you have learnt.

Learning outcomes
  • Understand a qualitative research brief
  • Prepare high quality proposals
  • Understand and apply appropriate research methodologies, including:
    • Sample design and structure
    • Fieldwork considerations
    • Group processes
    • Group moderating
    • Projective techniques
  • Conduct interviews effectively and confidently
  • Analyse and interpret results
  • Present and report findings
Who would benefit

Recent entrants to market research with limited practical experience of qualitative research, or more experienced practitioners looking to undertake or manage qualitative projects.

“A great course for those just getting into Qual and wanting to learn more techniques to inspire great insight.”

Rachel Rowlinson, Universal McCann
October 2016

“Entertaining and directly applicable to my role.”

Jenny Morrison, Bank of Ireland
October 2016

“Informative and clear.”

Rebecca Smith, Firefish
October 2016

“Excellent training that gives a good overview of methodologies, tips and recommendations when conducting qualitative research.”

Luisa Canosa, Samsung
March 2016

“Great, practical training that lets you learn the theory and then put it into practice.”

Holly Moreland, Added Value
March 2016

“A lot more valuable and fun than other training courses - genuinely helpful.”

Abbie Hines-Lloyd, Future Thinking
March 2016

“A great thorough introduction to the opportunities qualitative research provides us with.”

Charlotte Richardson, COSTA

“An engaging, essential & excellent delivered introduction to qualitative research.”

Paul Baker, Mattel

Andrew Vincent has 20 years’ research experience, including nine years as Managing Director of firstly B&MR and then WirthlinEurope. During his career he has worked on a wide variety of markets including technology, healthcare, retail, leisure and training/education. In 2005 he set up Waves, a research consultancy committed to creative research applied commercially.
Helen graduated in 1988 from Leeds University with a degree in Zoology. After graduating she then spent the next three and a half years in marketing at GUS Home Shopping, firstly in sales promotion and then marketing. In 1992 she discovered market research and has spent the last 15 years building her experience. She has both agency (B&MR, Wirthlin, Harris & Virtual Surveys) and client side experience (CWS) as well as extensive market research experience in both qualitative and quantitative research across a number of sectors including retail, travel, healthcare and finance. She is also a MRS accredited trainer and examiner. She joined Waves in 2007.

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