The aspects of finance most managers need to know.

Sound financial management is critical to the long-term health of all organisations. Managers in organisations need the ability to read financial reports accurately, ask the right questions of their finance colleagues and make strategic management decisions based on a solid understanding of the relevant financial issues.

This one-day programme is designed to help managers understand the tools, techniques and concepts of good financial management.

Who will find it useful

Those in management roles, e.g. budget holders and decision takers who want to have the world of finance ‘demystified’.  The course will appeal to those from all sectors (public, private etc).


To provide participants with a clear understanding of:

  • The principles of finance
  • Interpreting financial statements and reports
  • The role of finance
  • Annual planning and budgeting
Learning outcomes
  • Improved ability to manage budgets and allocate resources effectively
  • New approaches on how delegates make decisions and alternative strategies that might be available to them
  • Opportunity to share experiences and challenges in structured discussion

The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Jane is a qualified accountant and experienced finance professional having held senior posts in both large (Chief Financial Officer AstraZeneca UK and Marketing Finance Director AstraZeneca global) and smaller organisations.  She has also been a founder director of a number of start-up businesses.
As an independent consultant, Jane now provides consultancy and training in strategy, finance, business planning, governance and risk management to a number of organisations, both large and small. 
She is passionate about the important role that Finance has to play across all organisations; in particular the need to ensure finance issues are properly understood by non-Finance specialists and that finance issues are appropriately incorporated in decision-taking at all levels.

Additional Information

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