Globally, games and gamification are used to re-engage tired audiences and intrinsically engage new audiences in a variety of industries – including market research – to inspire loyalty, co-creation and commercial growth.

 With the gamification industry said to be worth $11.10 billion by 2020 and Games increasingly becoming ingrained in our everyday lives, using games in research can no longer afford to stay niche.

This 2-day workshop is an holistic one-stop shop; learn how to use these games and gamification to engage your communities or individual participants, whatever their ages and wherever they are in the world. Learn how games can encourage the innovation of new and existing survey products and future-proof your insights. Each delegate will design their own research game during the Playshop, seeing how these methodologies are more accessible than you may think as well as being fun to get stuck into.

The workshop promises a valuable two days of learning-by-doing. Designed as a game, each delegate will begin at Level 1 and proceed through the introductory levels on the first day. Day 2 will progress to the Advanced levels of knowledge.

Who would benefit

Experienced and new market researchers alike can benefit from this course, from both agency and client side. Whether you’re looking to revamp a tired tracker for FMCG clients or looking to engage millennials through new survey products, this workshop is for you. It’s also relevant for commercial, non-commercial and academic research.

  • Gain an introductory, basic level of learning and then step up to an advanced, in depth understanding.
  • Apply knowledge by designing your own ResearchGame.
  • Create ‘power ups’ to ensure maximum onboarding of games and gamification back in the office.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the short history of Games and Gamification in Market Research
  • Understand the science of game-based research methods; how they are psychologically, emotionally and scientifically relevant to market research and gaining insights
  • Understanding games culture; showing how intrinsically engaged people can contribute new ideas, co-create, collaborate and become part of thriving communities.
  • Debunk common misconceptions on the use of games and gamification in Market Research.
  • Understand different game mechanics, game components and game elements; from the use of music and sound effects, Avatars, virtual environments, narratology and more.
  • Understand the power of play and its relevance in engaging audiences for actionable insights.
  • Look to the future of games and gamification in combination with other methodologies, software and hardware, from Virtual Reality to Artificial Intelligence.


  • Please note this 2-day workshop focuses on using game-based research methods for online/digital use.
  • Ideally, delegates will bring a laptop as you will be checking out games, gamification platforms and creating your own avatars throughout the two days. MRS will supply laptops if you don’t use your own.
  • Before the training, you will be sent a list of URL links that we will access during the two days. You are welcome to bookmark these in your browsers prior to attending.
  • Expect a mixed learning style; this Playshop has been thoughtfully designed for different ways that people can learn and apply knowledge, so we’ll combine a traditional approach with competitions, mini-quizzes, design-led challenges and exploration throughout the two days.


By agreeing to participate in this training course you also agree to download any software application(s) that are required for the fulfilment of the course.


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Betty Adamou is the Founder of Research Through Gaming (RTG), a Serious Game designer, and author of Games and Gamification in Market Research (Kogan Page Publishing, 2019).
In 2010, Betty invented ResearchGames™ - and since then continues to make games that captivate players while collecting valuable insight - primarily in the Market Research industry. While this area seems niche, Betty is an in-demand designer and regularly works on behalf of Fortune 500 brands, agencies, and academic institutions, where she creates ‘ResearchGames™’.  Her games have been played by tens of thousands of people worldwide, and to great feedback.
Both her commercial case-studies and academic work have broadened her passion for how games can help us in market research, to discover how games can help us in marketing, healthcare, training, employee engagement, and a host of other industries.
Betty has been voted “1 of 7 women shaping the future of market research”, has won the IMPACT MRS 2018 Best Presentation award for her work in developing a Fashion Preference Testing Game, has won the  NGMR Disruptive Innovation Award, and Enfield Entrepreneur of the Year award, among others.
She is frequently invited to keynote at conferences, guest lecture to university students, and is interviewed about her innovative, data-driven approach to game design in newspapers, podcasts, and most recently on BBC radio.
Most recently, Adamou has become a Columnist for Research World magazine; where she explores the impact of Serious Games and Gamification in multiple industries through her column ‘How Games and Data are Changing the World’. Her book is being translated to Portuguese in 2020, and Spanish in 2021.

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