Grow confidence in running remote qualitative studies and gain skills in extracting the highest and most engaging video content.

The webinar will will outline a step-by-step guide to running your own mobile video qualitative studies.

It will first of all deliver a short overview of the evolving role of mobile qual in the researcher’s repertoire. It will include practical tips on best practice, both in the lead up to a project and during, outlining the benefits of engaging research  and technology partners.

Learning Outcomes/ Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what video based mobile qualitative can deliver best against
  • Learn the key steps for running video based mobile qual studies across markets
  • Develop processes for best leveraging your local recruiters and technology partners

Who will benefit?

Research teams that are new to mobile video based qualitative

Experienced mobile researchers that want to hone their skills

Insight managers who want knowledge of video based smartphone approaches to better brief their agencies or run projects in-house.

Learning Method

This is a one off session,  delivered via a webinar.


Dave Kaye is a seasoned expert in digital qualitative research methods and has been at the front line of mobile video qualitative research since its inception 10 years ago, initially at Flamingo where he was head of digital across the group, and then at the world’s first mobile specialist agency, Kiosk. In his research career he has worked remotely in over 70 markets and captured the stories of countless consumers. He now runs Peek Content, an agency focussed on delivering high quality video outputs for research studies, and is also co-founder at Field Notes Communities, an independent app and technology platform, specialising in generating high quality video.


Additional Information

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