EXCEL is great for simple analyses, but what can you use to run more insightful analytics, such as Key Drivers and Segmentation?

EXCEL is a very useful tool for exploratory data analysis, summaries and cross-tabulations and it can be programmed to carry out the analyses described above; however such a level of programming is not accessible to most researchers.  Therefore, a key feature of this course will involve looking at alternative tools which market research statisticians and quantitative researchers can easily start using for this purpose, such as “IBM SPSS Statistics”.  Delegates will use SPSS in this course, where a step by step guide for some simple example analyses will be given.


Who will find it useful

This course will be useful for numerate quantitative researchers who wish to be hands-on to get additional insight out of their data, and to help statisticians who are starting off their career in MR to learn more about these key techniques used.



  • To familiarise and remind researchers of the main techniques used in MR Analytics, which go beyond basic summaries and cross-tabulations.
  • To introduce delegates to a specific statistics package commonly used in MR to cover these types of analyses.
  • To enable delegates to get started in running these types of analyses themselves, without being restricted to spreadsheets and / or being fully reliant on statistical colleagues.


Learning outcomes

  • Delegates are familiar with the main multivariate techniques used in MR Analytics (e.g. Cluster, Factor, regression, CHAID) and understand their principles and how they can add value to their projects.
  • Delegates are able to start to use SPSS for their analyses and have a springboard from which to learn further.
  • Delegates are confident in knowing that they can use an alternative package, such as SPSS, when more advanced analyses are needed without being restricted to the front-end capabilities of spreadsheets.



Andrew Zelin


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Andrew Zelin is Lead Statistician in Ipsos Healthcare and has a long experience of providing insight to a range of organisations using Advanced Statistical Techniques.  He has developed a number of methodologies relate to Survey Sampling, Evaluations and Forecasting and is a Mentor and Trainer for the MRS

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