This workshop takes us beneath the surface of groups and reveals what is really going on - and what to do about it! It explores the group and how to build or mend it.


Many people, from commissioners to practitioners are determined to get the best value from groups. Yet what is a good group and what is a bad group? Above all, how can we turn a bad group into a good one?

The workshop will take you right to the heart of working with a group. You will learn what participants value and how to marry this with your brief and client needs. You will discover the Group Compass, a new and invaluable tool for diagnosing the state of affairs in any group - and what to do to change it. Working with colleagues you will gain practical experience of all the standard events and pitfalls of group work and how to navigate, address or rebuild them.

Who will find it useful

For all researchers who want better groups, all clients and commissioners who want

the best value from their groups and for anyone who must work with the outputs from groups to understand how they are created - and what gets missed!


  • Understand a meta-analysis of preferred leadership styles in groups
  • Discover the Group Compass, a key tool for navigation in groups
  • Discover 10 key steps to building your group
  • Understand the group matrix and how to build, navigate and mend it
  • creating boundaries, rules, permission
  • Uncover tools and techniques for changing the climate and capabilities in groups
  • Understand group process and group dynamics

Learning outcomes

The day will help you:

  • understand what influences groups and how to navigate them
  • understand the influences of settings, relationships, process and technology and how to work with them
  • learn how to recognise and deal with:
    • dependent/passive groups
    • the dominant respondent
    • the unhappy client
    • the group in fight, flight or freeze
    • the unruly group
    • catching up when you’ve fallen behind


Roy Langmaid


The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street,London,EC1V 0JR

Roy Langmaid, FMRS is one of the leading practitioners, teachers and innovators in qualitative research. Having practiced both in agencies and as an independent, he knows first hand the issues that face practitioners and how to deal with them. He also has long experience in supporting clients and colleagues in adopting new ideas.

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