Discover how to work with social data to deliver tangible business outcomes.

This course is now delivered online as a series of live sessions which fully meet the learning objectives of face-to-face training.

Course overview/description

As researchers, we dream of finding the next big thing. That idea, improvement, or concept that makes the difference. Social media data has the potential to help us make this difference – but only if we can harness it in the right way.

This course will help you find out how.

We’ll start where a lot of people struggle, seeing where social media research can make a difference. We’ll work through an outcomes model (with examples) that shows how, where and why social data can be used effectively. We’ll also explore how to get started using social data for research. We’ll finish with a case study which looks at how social data can be blended with traditional methods – to explore and then size emerging market trends. 

Learning outcomes/learning objectives

We’ll make sure you’ll come away being able to:

  • Identify where social data can best support the different needs of your organisation (e.g. strategy, innovation, marketing).
  • Learn how to scope, engage and excite stakeholders about this new source of insight.
  • Understand the different project building blocks and how to get started.  

Who will benefit?

This would benefit people at all levels who are responsible for understanding their audiences.

Learning method

The session will mix a seminar-style session to cover the main topics with a case study presentation and discussion.

Course delivery mode


By agreeing to participate in this training course you also agree to download any software application(s) that are required for the fulfilment of the course.

Jeremy Hollow is the Founder and MD of Listen + Learn Research, which he’s actively building into the leading global authority on the human side of social data.
What started as an idea born from a run in the woods, has become an award-winning agency (Marketing Week, Aura, Media Research Group). Success has come from helping brands really understand the people who matter to them and applying this knowledge to help create growth.

A black belt, passable cook and amateur dad. He has used social data to help organisations across the world plan for the future, launch new products, get themselves seen and tell stories that people want to listen to.

Additional Information

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